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Welcome to Paddlebuoy!

Paddlebuoy paddleboards are a great choice for you and your family.  The ultimate in affordability and durability, they are kids' and families' “first pick” water toy for endless hours of fun and play on any  body of water.  

Paddlebuoy has been hand crafting one of America's original paddleboards for over 35 years.  They are manufactured in the small town of Elk Rapids, in northern Michigan.  Originally designed as a sit down paddleboard, Paddlebuoys have been the standard for recreational use, camps, lifeguards, and a perfect product for any waterfront rental business. The classic style, affordability, and durability make Paddlebuoy paddleboards the leader in beginner and intermediate paddleboard enthusiasts.  Call Anne with questions: 231/492-5129.

Quotes from happy paddleboarders:

"What a great  product!  What product lasts 30 years? Not many!"  JP, Houghton Lake, MI

"Our Paddlebuoy has been with us for 11 years now.  It has been towed behind a SeaDoo; paddled; used for crawfish races,  balancing contests, tanning, and even fishing.  It was the only water toy my boys could use when they were little and they are still using it.  From grandparents to toddlers to the family dog, everyone has ridden on and enjoyed the Paddlebuoy."  The Trautman Family- Elk Rapids, MI

"Hours and hours of fun…They’re in the water constantly. The kids come out looking like shriveled up grapes.” Gina F. - North Webster, Indiana