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Meet The Owners and Staff

Tom and Susan Wiltse

In the early 1970's Tom started renting paddleboards from his Elk Rapids marina, Ship & Shore.  When they sold the marina, he and his wife Susan liked the paddleboard so much that they bought the mold and began manufacturing Paddlebuoy paddleboards.  Since 1983, Paddlebuoy has been based in Elk Rapids and over the years the brand and products have grown into a much-endeared favorite.  Everyone in the area has good memories of summers spent on their Paddlebuoy or participating in the annual Paddlebuoy Classic paddleboard races during Harbor Days.


Anne Conrad

Tom and Susan's daughter.  Back in the Elk Rapids area after 12 years in Chicago, she is focusing on marketing, sales and shipping for Paddlebuoy.  Anne can answer almost all of your questions about buying a Paddlebuoy. When she's not selling a Paddlebuoy, she's on the lake or spending time with her husband Matt, son Harrison and their dog, Ellie. or call 231/492-5129



Nora Wiltse

Tom and Susan's daughter Nora is a Librarian in a north side Chicago Public School and is also Paddlebuoy's southern Great Lakes representative.