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2011 Race Results

Paddlebuoy Classic

World Championship Paddleboard Races

Racers and Volunteers

Age 12 and under-Doubles
76 entries total, and 152 racers
1stplace:            John Patti and Tim Stoldt
                         Chicago, IL & Rapid City, MI
2ndplace:          Riley Rickfelder and Matt Dietrich
                          Kewadin, MI & Waterford, MI
Tied for 3rdplace:                Michael Schermerhorn  and Grant Lafaive both of Traverse City, MI
                                             and Tyson Lance  and Jared Davis
                                             Davisburg, MI & Frankenmuth, MI
Girls 15 and under singles 
57 racers total
1st:      Bridget Hintz
           Elk Rapids, MI
2nd:    Layne Davis
           Frankenmuth, MI
3rd:     Meike Stoldt
           Rapid City, MI
Boys 15 and under singles
37 racers total
1st:       Jack Alcantara
            Wilmette, IL
2nd:     Dexter Bellingham
             Troutman, NC
3rd:      Benji Miller
             Santa Monica, CA
Women’s 16-35 singles
31 racers total
1st:       Angela Nowak
            Midland, MI
2nd:     Mara Bottomley
             Dexter, MI
3rd:      Hayley Shugart
             Elk Rapids, MI
Men’s  16-35 singles
23 racers total
        1st:       Kyle Riegle
                    Traverse City, MI
        2nd:     Max Bauer
                    Elk Rapids, MI
        3rd:      Andrew Coates
                     Elk Rapids, MI
Women’s 36 and up singles
23 racers total 
1st:       Tracey Trautner
            Elk Rapids, MI 
2nd:     Leanne Davis
            Frankenmuth, MI 
3rd:     Tammy Grant
            Elk Rapids, MI 
Men’s 36 and up singles
13 racers total
1st:         Dan Bellingham
              Troutman, NC
2nd:       David Hintz
              Elk Rapids, MI
3rd:        Ed Schindler
              Elk Rapids, MI


Our Volunteers!

  • Jen Wilson (registration)
  • Lynn Bauer (registration)
  • Jessie Trierweiler (registration)
  • Babe Toteff (registration)
  • Eric Crissman (registration)
  • Christine Crissman (registration)
  • Susan Wiltse (registration)
  • Alex Lockhart (registration)
  • Sonja Trierweiler (registration)
  • Marilyn Derosha (registration)
  • Mary Toteff (registration)
  • Craig Mosher (MC and white board)
  • Alissa VanDenBerge (starting line)
  • Chad Wilson (starting line)
  • Nora Wiltse (in-water staging)
  • James (Alissa’s fiancé, in-water staging)
  • Anne Wiltse (runner)
  • Tom Wiltse (starter)
  • Martha Hammer (scoring)
  • Barb Mosher (scoring)
  • Kyle Riegle (lifeguard)
  • Pete Wiltse (t-shirts)
  • Tyler Wilson (t-shirts)
  • Stu Ford (t-shirts)
  • Adrea VanDenBerge (t-shirts)


  • Big Thanks to Michigan Lake Products for donation and set-up of staging docks!

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