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2002 Race Results


Paddlebuoy Classic
World Championship Paddlebuoy Races
Race Results omega Replica Watches
12 and Under Doubles: 1st Dan DeRosha
Elk Rapids, Michigan
2nd Karlyn Stroop & Sarah Stroop
Oxford, Michigan
3rd Andrew Davis – Traverse City, Michigan & Ryan Liebknecht – Frankenmuth, Michigan
Elk Rapids
15 and Under Girls’ Singles: 1st Chelsea Manhart
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Northville, Michigan
2nd Karlyn Stroop
Oxford, Michigan
3rd Rachel Cook
Grosse Pointe, Michigan
15 and Under Boys’ Singles: 1st Devon Kroh
Beijing, China
2nd Brent Draper
Elk Rapids, Michigan
3rd Andrew Coates
Elk Rapids, Michigan
16 & over Women’s Singles: 1st Jessica Lytle
Adrian, Michigan
2nd Leanne Davis
Vassar, Michigan
3rd Molly Hubbell
Elk Rapids, Michigan
16 & over Men’s Singles: 1st Michael Conrad – Elk Rapids, Michigan
2nd Dave Hintz
Rapid City, Michigan
3rd Bryce Gossett
Rapid City, Michigan
The 2002 Paddlebuoy Classic World Championship Races drew 119 racers.