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Classic II

$ 379.00

The Classic II is a customer and "shop guys" favorite.  This board is extremely light weight at only 15lbs, extremely durable, and slightly more flexible than the Classic, making this board fast and smooth.  The Classic II features zero maintenance, has a soft surface, and will support over 380 pounds, making it a perfect choice for dog lovers as it can easily support you and your loyal friend, while giving them a comfortable tractionable surface to enjoy the ride.  The soft, smooth polyethylene surface is particularly nice for people with sensitive skin. The Classic II is made with a swirled pattern of blue and white. The pattern is unique on each board. The Classic II is made of ArcelTM, a tough new copolymer of expandable polyethylene from Nova Chemicals.

We started manufacturing this board in 2001 because we wanted to offer a more dent resistant, yet affordable board. 

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Classic II
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How We Calculate Shipping

Paddleboards are BIG!

Please be aware, due to their length and overal demension, shipping a Paddlebuoy requires a LTL (less than truck load) freight company. Your Paddlebuoy will arrive via an over the road trucking company. The shipping price is reflected due to the size and class of the board. We have a great relationship with many freight companies and have agreed to keep shipping costs as low as possible so we can help you save money and have a great time with your new Paddlebuoy.

Orders of more than one board are not charged extra shipping.

Example: If you order 1 board, the shipping will be 119.00, if you order 3 boards the shipping will still be 119.00.

Again, shipping prices are reflected becuase of the dimensions of the Paddlebuoy and due to quality relationships with trucking companies.

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